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The basketball tournament of the Ruhr Games is exclusively aimed at ambitious competitive athletes. The age groups of U16 and U18 Junior boys and girls will be in the tournament.

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No further applications are available. If you have received a personal invitation, please follow the link in your email.


16.06.2017 to 17.06.2017

The basketball tournament of the Ruhr Games is aimed exclusively at ambitious athletes. It is played in age classes U 16 (year category 2002 and younger) and U 18 (year category 2000 and younger) Junior boys and girls. If you have not received an invitation from the West German Basketball Federation for the tournament of the Ruhr Games, there is the possibility to request a participation. The West German Basketball Federation will then examine the suitability of the team. A response will be provided directly by the professional association, provided that the following information is completed. The registration deadline is 15.05.2017.

Location: Hagen, various Halls

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No more free spots available for U16 Juniors (m) (Years 2002 and younger)
Only 1 free spot available for U16 Juniors (f) (Years 2002 and younger)
Only 1 free spot available for U18 Juniors (m) (Years 2000 and younger)
No more free spots available for U18 Juniors (f) (Years 2000 and younger)

U16 Juniors booked out / Waiting list

A direct registration for the U16 Juniors is no longer possible, as all places are occupied.

You can fill out this form, however, to be put on the waiting list - if places become available, we will notify you.

Excel list with Surname, first name, address or club and age of each player


If you have detailed questions about the competition, please contact:
West German Basketball Association e.V.
Georg Kleine
0177 6436702

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