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Ruhr Games 19 - TalentTeamRuhr

Are you young, talented and live for your Sport? You would Like to present Your Discipline to a large Audience and, by the Way, to be given the Opportunity to be awarded the Young talent Promotion Prize worth €2,500 during the Ruhr Games? Then become Part of the Talent Team of the Ruhr Games 2019!

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Ruhr Games 19 - TalentTeamRuhr

Talent wanted!

Are you young, talented, and you live for your sport? Would you like to present your skills to a huge audience while getting the chance to win the Ruhr Games "young talent award" worth 2.500 €?

Then become part of the 2019 Ruhr Games talent team! You'll become the face of your sport and an athlete speaker for your discipline at the festival.

We're searching for the most talented athletes in our region ranging from 14-21 years old.

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Apply now to be a part of the TalentTeamRuhr as an athlete in one of the following 17 sports:

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We would like to see you! Please send us a convincing JPG- Picture (light, high-contrast- sharp).

We would like to see you and lots of action! Please send us a picture of you doing your sport (also as a JPG).

We require few details about a parent/ legal guardian. Furthermore, please bring the signed release form with you in case you are invited to a photo shooting. Consent form.

Please bring the signed release form with you, in case you are invited to a foto shooting. Einverständniserklärung.

>Further information:
As an athlete speaker of the talent team, you take part in exclusive network meetings on specific topics (e.g. dual career, interacting with media, etc.) and represent your sport and club in supraregional media inquiries. In addition, you have the opportunity as an initiator and consultant to personally shape individual program items of the Ruhr Games and to network with other top talents from the region.
Participation in the TalentTeamRuhr means the following support package for you:
  • You are one of 17 selected young athletes of the Talentteam 18/19.
  • For your engagement in the TalentTeam you will receive a one-time lump-sum expense allowance of 500,- €.
  • >You will receive an exclusive equipment package from the Ruhr Games Sports Collection. 
  • You will have access to media requests from e.g. WDR, ARD, KiKa and many other editorial offices.
  • You get the opportunity to be awarded the Ruhr Games Young Talent Promotion Prize worth 2,500 €.
  • You take part in network meetings with athlete-specific topics (among others, visiting the StartUpStudio with the main focus on dual career)   
  • You take part as a special guest in the Ruhr Games 2019 in the Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord (incl. final meeting of the TalentTeam).
  • There is the possibility that you take part in a professional and extensive photo and video shooting and your photos become part of the Ruhr Games communication campaign 2019 (2017: 11.6 million contacts). If your sport is photographed, you can use your photos after the Ruhr  Games 19 for personal use.  
If you want to be part of the Talentteam Ruhr, you should be of age or have your parents' consent. You should also be a current memberfor a club from the Ruhr area or available in the Ruhr region . If your sport is part of the selected photo shooting, participation in the photo and video shooting is obligatory from the start to mid-July 2019 (one day; 3-4 hours). As a model of the shooting for the Ruhr Games, you agree that photos and videos may be used to promote the event (e.g. on posters, flyers, in the social media or in the cinema).
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If you should have any questions
please do not hesitate to contact us at:

Sina Diekmann
Project management

Regionalverband Ruhr
Kronprinzenstraße 6
45128 Essen

Phone: +49 201 2069-546
Mobile: +49 151 28151462
E-Mail: diekmann@ruhrgames.de