The International Sports Program is fixed.

Registration is now open.

While the sports program of the national tournaments as well as the cultural program of the Ruhrgames will be presented in January 2017, the sports program of the international tournaments of the festival is now fixed.

The program of the international sports tournaments is aimed at beginners as well as professionals and divides the tournament into three areas:

1. International Invitational Tournaments

The international invitational tournaments offer clubs and athletes the opportunity to secure their starting places for the competitions through the professional associations. Interested clubs can get information about the sport of the respective contact persons.

2. International Open Tournaments

In contrast to the invitational contests, the international open tournaments offer everyone the opportunity to participate in the Ruhr Games. Registration is now open, the timetables of the open tournaments will be available on the homepage from January onwards.

3. International Action Sport Contests

The sports program is rounded off by international action sport contests. Beside the skateboard contest, registration is not possible. The athletes are invited directly by the organizers.

The complete overview with further information on the international sports program can be found here:

More Info & Registration