Youth Exchange

International Flair

In 2019, enthusiasm, emotion and diversity are to be revived and cultural exchange within the most diverse nations promoted. Several thousand young people from all over Europe were invited to the Ruhr Games to take part in the games together with the young people from the region. Travel and accommodation for up to 1,000 young people was financially supported by the Regionalverband Ruhr with €100 per person*. The young people will be accommodated in the entire Metropole Ruhr.

In addition to the venue Duisburg, city partnerships, youth facilities, schools, associations and societies from the Metropole Ruhr are involved and invite their partner institutions. The following nations will participate in the Ruhr Games:

Afghanistan, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, England, France, India, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Israel, Croatia, Lithuania, Morocco, Netherlands, Austria, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Syria, Thailand, Czech Republic, Turkey, Hungary, USA

*Applications for funding and questions regarding the processing of applications are handled by