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BMX Flatland

The Ruhr Games will host the first official UEC BMX FREESTYLE FLATLAND EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS: Over two days, the top BMX athletes in Europe, including reigning world champions Dominik Nekolny and Irina Sadovnik, will showcase their freestyle BMX skills. The possibilities for trick combinations are practically endless: On the ground, it's less about speed and more about balance and mastery of the wheel. The finals in the center court are a highlight of the event.

BMX Spineramp

As with skateboarding, the BMX Spine Ramp Event in the Ruhrstadion is part of the World Urban Championships, attracting the absolute world elite of the discipline to the Ruhr Games. Blasting massive airs and flips, the BMX athletes are known to provide tremendous thrills for the fans. The combination of quarter pipes and a multitude of tricks within the shortest of times is sure to leave a lasting impression again this year.



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